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Boh's Musings

Subject: Re: The Wedding of Amy Alderson and James Otto
Date: October 2 , 2005

Tonight I performed with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra at the celebrity studded wedding of Amy Alderson and James Otto. Amy is Jay Demarcus' sister-in-law. The wedding was lovely and there was so much music! Jay and Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts sang their lovely rendition of "God Blessed the Broken Road", and it gave me chillbumps! It was so good to see those two again. For those of you who don't know, Joe Don is getting married next April. (Sorry ladies!) Regarding Joe Don's upcoming nuptials Jay said, "Yeah, he has found himself a nice guy"! haha! Will Jay ever be serious for one moment?! Another celebrity present was Lee Greenwood. I've been a fan of his for 25 years! He sang his famous song "I Owe You", which was so brilliantly performed. After the wedding, Lee hugged me and said in my ear, "It was such a pleasure for me to hear you play". What a kewl moment for me! I enjoyed that compliment very much. I played a few Jim Brickman tunes with the chamber orchestra. That was lots of fun. The highlight of the wedding was when the pastor announced Amy and James husband and wife. A black gospel choir began streaming in from the sides of the church singing "Oh Happy Day!". I mean to tell you, they brought the house down! It was awesome! They had a drummer and an organist that played so groovy, I thought they must be from another planet. I felt very proud and honored to have been part of this lovely event.
The pastor said something that I thought very profound. He said that God must have "sung" the universe into being, and that His song created the harmony, vibration and symphony of praise that has continued on from the beginning of time. And that these two lives that have joined together today have created a new that has not yet ever been heard before. Now their song will go out to the whole world, a joyful praise to the One who brought them together.
I am so grateful for the gift of music. I will continue to sing and make melody in my heart to the Great God of the Universe for all the good things He has done.



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