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Boh's Musings

Subject: Re: My new Message Board
Date: September 20, 2005

Thanks to all of you who have graced my message board. I am so pleased with all of the wonderful comments and goodhearted people I've met there.
No matter...I know I'll get lucky one of these times. I just wanted to check in and let you all know that there is more music in the making. I just don't have a record company to help and no one breathing down my back to reach a deadline. So, I'm asking you all to keep on me about it! It's a miracle that I even have 2 CD's! haha!

For you die hards who want to hear some of the latest stuff I've done. Check out these links.

I am Worthy
Play the Way I Feel (a song I wrote for my wife, Jeri)
Dancing Angel


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