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Boh's Journal

Subject: Getting Married
Date: May 1,2003

I decided to keep a running journal to help me stay connected to my self and my site. I write from Madison, WI this first day of May, and it is a holy time in my life. This Sunday, my single days will come to an end, and I will enter into a sacred commitment with a woman with whom I am deeply in love. Throughout my life, I have often prayed for a partner and a wife, wondering who she would be, what she would be like. In my wildest imaginings, I could not have ever hoped for someone so precious, and so beautiful. I thought my last days of being a bachelor would be wistful and filled with nostalgia, but this has not been the case. I have learned that the greatest gift in life is to find a deep love and nurturing passion for the Little One who dwells within my own heart.
Chank Johnson, fiddle player for the Rascal Flatts, says it all in this poem he wrote for me:

A Fiddle and Her Bow
(by John “Chank” Johnson)

There once was a Fiddle,
Longing to be found,
Then someone named Bow,
Helped her make sound.

Beautiful music was made,
By this Fiddle and Bow,
Others became envious,
Of their awesome solo.

Some fiddles are unhappy,
They just ridicule and whine,
But this Fiddle and Bow,
Have something divine

Jealous fiddles may say,
"Their music will end soon",
But they are just unhappy,
Because they can't play in tune.

E A D G,
These are her strings,
And with her new Bow,
They will play special things.

E A D G,
Listen to them ring!,
Fiddle feels like a queen,
And Bow feels like a king.

1 2 3 4,
Let the music start,
Fiddle and Bow will play forever,
Until death do them part.

But even after time has passed,
And Fiddle and Bow are gone,
People will always remember,
Their very special song.

Chank said "there are many fiddles out there, but its really
awesome when you can find that one that is just right for you. A fiddle is
delicate, but when cared for properly, she will be your best companion. And
you may even end up with a little 1/4 sized fiddle (which will become your
new boss). But it is really awesome to watch this little fiddle grow up to
become a 1/2 sized fiddle. 1/2 sized fiddles are so much fun...especially
around Christmas. They are really into Santa Claus at that size. Unsure
about 3/4 size (teenage fiddle), but I'm sure that it can be awesome too as
long as you love him/her properly. Then your little fiddle will eventually
become a a 4/4, full size fiddle. And this fiddle will find another special
fiddle in his or her life. They will make more little 1/2 size grandfiddles
which you can then spoil rotten.
So anyway...congratulations on finding the right fiddle. Is it any
coincidence that your name is Boh? Boh = Bow? From now on when I say your
name, I will no longer think "Boh". Instead I will be thinking "Bow" as in
fiddle bow. So Bow, you now have found your fiddle. Play her strings
correctly, and you will both make beautiful music which will be remembered
by other fiddles long after you are gone."

Thank you for your support and prayers and love everyone!
I can hardly wait to say these words Sunday evening in Key West, as God's great sun sets into the sea...

With this ring,
I give to you my promise that from this day forward you shall not walk alone.
May my heart be your shelter And my arms be your home.
May God bless you always.
May we walk together through all things.
May you feel deeply loved, for indeed you are.
May you always see your innocence in my eyes.
With this ring, I give you my heart.
I have no greater gift to give.
I promise I shall do my best.
I shall always try.
I feel so honored to call you husband
I feel so blessed to call you mine.
May we feel this joy forever.
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,


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