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Thank You's
After nearly 9 years of production, it is very difficult to think of every person who helped, inspired and encouraged me on this project.

There are so many of you to thank. I am going to give it a try here on my webpage where I can update if I need to. 

I wish to thank God foremost, for the gift of music, and for compassion. Without love I am nothing.

Thanks to Helen Cooper for leading the way for my family, for soul to soul, eye to eye connection that is rare
to find in parent/sibling relationships these days, and for her selfless gifts which made this recording possible.
Thanks to all my family--Todd (my brother and favorite songwriter), Robin (my sister and the Florida Princess),
Tom (the best brother in law ever) and Thom (my father and first teacher)
for their tireless cheer, laughter and support.
Thanks to Becky Felton for being the best soul sister (FFDDSS!).
Thanks to Lori Schultz for teaching me the importance of breathing.
Thanks to Amy Baker, Leah Jo Markewicz, for yearly encouragment to finish this project and for all
the incredible feedback and spiritual guidance.
Thanks to my soul family, Lyla Akouri, Tonya Webb, and Cindy Hill. I love you all.
Thanks to John Gibbons for computer consulting and genuine friendship.
Thanks to Jammer and Garner Graber, for putting up with my late night playing, and for being wonderful roommates.
Special thanks to Max and Kathleen Haskett.
Thanks to Jewelie Hargrove, Joe Hardwick for sweet photos, Troy Deaton for our longtime friendship and your invaluable, creative engineering, Dave Pardue (my soulstice brotha), Vee Bishop (the prince of intimacy, best friend in the land of the living), Kimmie and Cassie Banner (my God-daughter)
,my Macintosh G4, Mark of the Unicorn, the folks at Bitheadz. and to Joseph Graste for invaluable web design help.
Special thanks to Amy Wilson for introducing me to Jeri. Jeri, I'm so grateful that all of my roads led me to you.

If I've left any of you out, please accept my most sincere apologies.
Email me and I will make sure to add you to the list!

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